Two-time City Manager Paul Lemont

Paul Lemont was the City Manager of East Providence from 1989 until 2003 and then again in an interim capacity from 2014 to 2015.

Mr. Lemont's first tenure of 14 years was noted for bringing a professional management to city hall. His exit brought a period of turmoil and high turnover to the office.

Mr. Lemont is known for a gruff style and direct manner. Mr. Lemont was a critic of the state appointed budget commission that temporarily controlled East Providence finances.

Accomplishments Edit

- AAA Bond Rating
- Waterfront development
- All-American City
- Lowest tax rate out of Rhode Island cities
- Fully funded police/fire pension

Controversies Edit

Lawsuits Generally Edit

During his first tenure, Mr. Lemont's actions directly resulted in several legal actions against the city, all of which were either settled or turned out unfavorable to the city. Rhode Island attorney Thomas McAndrew frequently represented plaintiffs against the city. McAndrews was once quoted as telling an official "I want you to know up front, that I have represented many East Providence employees or officials and, respectfully, I would tell you that I usually win here"

Ali Khorasani Suit Edit

One of the biggest of cases against the city related to Ali Khorasani who alleged ethnic discrimination and harrassment by Lemont and his staff, costing the city $580,000. This incident directly caused the end of Mr. Lemont's first tenure.

Human Rights Commission Complaint Edit

During his second tenure, Mr. Lemont was named in a Human Rights Commission complaint by HR Director Kathleen Waterbury for alleged sexual harassment during his time as City Manager and as consultant to new City Manager Richard Kirby. Allegations included comments by Lemont that Waterbury should "twirl" for him and that he'd like to shower with her.

Current City Manager Richard Kirby was also named in the complaint for failing to respond to the alleged behavior. Mr. Kirby terminated Ms. Waterbury's services on performance grounds. The original Waterbury complaint and a counter-complaint against Ms. Waterbury by an HR Department staffer are still pending.

History Edit

Lemont is a long-time city resident. Prior to his first tenure as City Manager, he worked for Providence Gas. Between his first and second tenures, he attempted to run for At-Large City Council and lost to incumbent Joseph Larisa, Jr. He also served as Town Manager of Seekonk during that time.

Lemont has a Masters in Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate.

Preceded by
Peter Graczykowski
City Manager
2014 - 2015
Succeeded by
Richard Kirby