Former City Solicitor Orlando Andreoni

Orlando Andreoni was City Solicitor during the 2010-2012 Council term. He also served as Interim City Manager between the tenures of Richard Brown and Peter Graczykowski.

As Solicitor, Andreoni often took a hard line at meetings about what could and could not be done. He was referred to sometimes by Mayor Bruce Rogers as the Parliamentarian, though that role is not specifically referred to in the Charter, nor is it clear that Andreoni has special training for such a role, though it does often go hand and hand with law.

As acting City Manager, he was essentially a caretaker. The city's finances had been eroding for some time and Andreoni oversaw the final descent that would result in the state takeover, ironically not long after a permanent City Manager had been hired.

Preceded by
Richard Brown
City Manager
Succeeded by
Peter Graczykowski